WP Rocket Premium Plugin Zip Free Download [100% Working]

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Zip Free Download [100% Working]
WP Rocket Premium Plugin Zip Free Download [100% Working]

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Zip Free Download [100% Working]

Today we have shared WP Rocket Premium Zip Free Download File [100% Working] with everyone. The shared file is not WP Rocket nulled or cracked; it’s a 100% genuine GPL file, and you can use this WP Rocket GPL file on unlimited websites.
With a few clicks, you can make WordPress load faster. WordPress experts have named it the most powerful caching plugin.

WP Rocket Premium Zip Free Download
File Name WP Rocket Premium plugin Plugin Free Download
File Platform WordPress & Web
File Category WordPress
File Version v3.12.5.2
File Type GPL
Last Updated On 26-01-2023


What is WP Rocket Premium Plugin Cache Plugin

One of the top WordPress caching plugins on the market right now is WP Rocket. By decreasing server load and eliminating website crashes, it helps to enhance website performance and user experience. For quicker loading and less network use, it also supports HTML and JavaScript file compression.

The performance-enhancing capabilities of WP Rocket include minification, browser caching, and lazy loading for pictures. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files are minified to minimize their size and speed up downloads. In order to save users from having to refresh material every time they visit a website, browser caching enables previously loaded content to be saved in the user’s browser cache. By only loading pictures when they are visible on the screen, the lazy loading of images enhances performance.

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Pricing

There are three standard WP Rocket cost licenses available; aside from price, the main distinction between them is the number of permitted websites.

Equal features and tools are included with each of the three licenses. By acquiring a certain license, you are not given preferential treatment or access to certain features.

Here are the three WP Rocket prices and licenses available:

  • Single – $59/year (1 website allowed)
  • Plus – $119/year (3 websites allowed)
  • Infinite – $299/year (unlimited websites allowed)

All plans come with one year of plugin updates and WP Rocket support.

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Interface

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Interface
WP Rocket Premium Plugin Interface

WP Rocket may be accessible at any time using a drop-down menu in the WordPress admin. Moreover, using the standard settings menu.

You’ll get a green congratulatory message if everything is set up and functioning properly.

The menu, where the settings are collected together, is located on the left sidebar. As a result, all options are easily accessible, and the initial setup does not appear to be overcrowded.

On the right, there are three significant buttons. You can clear the file and object cache for significant modifications. The cache preload should then be initiated so that the first users may immediately benefit from the cached page.

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Configuration

Let’s go through the ideal WP Rocket settings now that we have a better understanding of what WP Rocket is. Although the plugin has a number of parameters, we will concentrate on those that have the most influence in this article.

These settings must be made for the majority of websites using WP Rocket. Here are the WP Rocket settings that we suggest for the majority of websites in our assessment of the plugin.

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Dashboard

You may conduct particular optimization activities like cleaning the whole cache, resuming cache preloading, eliminating unneeded CSS, and purging Opcache items from the dashboard.

You may also check key account information such as license type, expiration date, and ability to activate RocketCDN. Aside from that, there isn’t much on the dashboard.

WP Rocket File Optimization Configuration Tab

From your WordPress admin dashboard, go to settings>>wp rocket>>, on the interface, click on file optimization.

You’ll want to go through the following features:

  • Minify CSS files – This helps to minimize file size by deleting white space and comments.
  • Optimize CSS delivery – You have the option of removing unnecessary CSS or loading CSS asynchronously.
  • Load JavaScript deferred – If you’re seeing the render-blocking warning in testing tools like page speed and Pingdom, this option can help.
  • Minify JavaScript files – It helps reduce the file size and remove white spaces
  • Delay JavaScript Execution – You can specify important scripts that need to load early
  • Combine CSS and JavaScript – This functionality reduces the amount of HTTP queries made on a page. However, if your host supports HTTP/2, you might not be able to utilize it.
WP Rocket Plugin Cache Tab

You may modify WP Rocket’s basic options here, such as activating caching for mobile visitors, cache lifespan, and logging in users.

  • Cache mobile visitors – You must tick the box “separate cache files for mobile devices” if you activate cache for mobile visitors. This is the ideal setting to enable caching for mobile device users.
  • Logged-in users – This feature is useful if you have information on your website that requires people to log in before they can access it. Otherwise, leave the setting alone.
  • Cache lifespan – WP Rocket caches pages for a maximum of 10 hours by default, however you may alter this option depending on how frequently you update your website content. If you don’t update more than a couple times each week, you can make it longer.
WP Rocket Plugin Media Tab

This tool helps you to optimize media assets on your website such as video, photos, frames, and other media material.

It can drastically enhance site loading times and provide a better user experience.

If you frequently post YouTube videos, for example, you may disable the WordPress embed function and substitute it with an image preview of the video. WordPress will not load the embedded video until the user clicks on the preview picture.

To enhance the Google core web essential reports, use the “add missing image dimensions” option, which fixes the (CLS) Cumulative layout shift fault in the page speed insight testing tool.

WP Rocket Plugin Cache Preload Tab

This feature is ideal if you want to preload a page into the cache even if it has not been visited in a while.
WP Rocket performs this task in two ways:

  • Activate Preload – The blog homepage and all links found on it will preload into the cache.
  • Sitemap-based cache preloading – You can specify which sitemap to preload into the cache.
  • Links Preloading – This option improves users’ experience but not the loading time. When a user hovers or touches a link, the web page will download in the background, this feature allows instant opening of the page when it finally clicks on.
  • Font Preload – WP Rocket has a feature that allows you to preload fonts from your domain. The font has to be hosted on your domain or the one you’d specify in the CDN tab. Then, enter the font URL in the box to start preloading.
WP Rocket Plugin Advance Rule Tab

This feature is useful if you are a power user or run an e-commerce site. You can define which URLs or material should be cached and which should not be.

An eCommerce site, for example, may want to never cache checkout pages, payment pages, login pages, and so on.

Pages that are sensitive may be omitted from the cache. WP Rocket lets you create advanced rules for the following things:

  • URL to never cache
  • Cookies to never cache
  • User-agent to never cache
  • URL to always purge from the cache
WP Rocket Plugin Database

One advantage of using a WordPress caching plugin like WP Rocket is that it prevents you from installing too many plugins.

Many of the optimization options that require additional plugins are available in WP Rocket. As a result, you won’t have to instal another WordPress plugin.

WP Rocket has a database cleanup tool. The good news is that you may plan the procedure to run on a regular basis.

you can clean up:

  • Revision and draft post
  • Trashed and spam comments
  • Transition
  • Database
WP Rocket Plugin CDN

Combining WP Rocket with content delivery network services might improve your website’s performance even more.

You may utilize WP Rocket’s CDN service or integrate with third-party providers. You may activate the RocketCDN from its dashboard, which costs an additional $7.99 per month for unlimited bandwidth consumption.

Stack route, a global brand in the website performance improvement service market, powers RocketCDN.

You may also connect to third-party CDN providers such as Cloudflare, Stack path, Amazon CloudFront, KeyCDN, and others.

You may also define distinct rules on your blog for different file kinds and restrict particular files from being provided over the CDN network.

You can create rules for these file types:

  • All files
  • Images
  • CSS & JavaScript
  • CSS only
  • JavaScript only
WP Rocket Plugin Heartbeat

If you wish to modify how the WordPress heartbeat API works, you may do so here. Because the heartbeat API is always active and requests data from the server, there may be a minor performance hit.

For example, if the WordPress admin tab is left open, the heartbeat API will continue to send POST requests to the /admin-ajax.php page every 15 seconds to perform AJAX operations. This might result in excessive CPU consumption.

You can lessen its frequency or remove it entirely from the pulse.

WP Rocket Plugin Add-on

You might be interested in the following WP Rocket add-ons:

  • Varnish –If your server utilizes Varnish, you must enable this plugin. This will allow WP Rocket to clear both its cache and Varnish’s cache whenever your blog is updated.
  • Cloudflare – If you utilize Cloudflare Cdn, this feature connects the WP Rocket Cloudflare add-on with your account information, allowing you to take advantage of both optimization tools.
  • Sucuri – If you use Sucuri, you need to synchronize with your account so WP Rocket can clear both caches when your blog is updated.
  • WebP compatibility – You must activate this function if you use any WebP image converter plugin. It will make WebP pictures more compatible with browsers.

WP Rocket Premium Cache Plugin Main Features

  • Compatible with CDN
  • Easy to configure and setup
  • No technical knowledge is required to use
  • Works with all types of sites
  • Easy-to-understand settings
  • Automatically enables recommended settings on installation
  • Lazy images, iFrames, and videos
  • Files optimization supports
  • Files compression support
  • Custom cache lifespan
  • Allows you to Prefetch DNS requests
  • Forced cache refresh option
  • Preloading of pages
  • Preload URLs from sitemaps
  • GZip compression
  • Optimization of Google fonts
  • Preload cache support
  • Reduce the size of the database by optimization
  • Browser caching support
  • Allows you to remove query strings
  • Helps you to get 90+ Google page speed insights score
  • Integration with Cloudflare
  • Different cache for mobile site
  • Improve the overall performance of the site
  • Automatically fix incorrectly entered URLs in the DNS prefetch option field.
  • Replaced direct use of curl by wp_remote_get for requests to Cloudflare API.
  • Some other minor bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Add compatibility with CDN URL containing a path.
  • Prevent a PHP notice when using PHP 7.4 and Cloudflare Flexible SSL
  • Prevent nonces issues when using the Xtra theme and one social pop-up login.
  • Exclude the new OptinMonster JS URL from combining the JavaScript option.
  • Improved AMP compatibility with the AMP plugin to automatically cache URLs using the? amp parameter.
  • Renamed the “Combine Google Fonts” option to “Optimize Google Fonts” and update the description, as this option does more than just combine now.
  • Improvement: Automatically add a pre-connect request to gstatic.comwhen using the “Optimize Google Fonts” option to improve Google fonts loading time.

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
WP Rocket is completely free to use. WP Rocket does not have many features.
It is simple to set up and utilize. It is not as dependable or speedy as other related tools.
WP Rocket is dependable and quick. It’s not as easy to locate online as some other related programs.
It may be utilized on a variety of websites. There is no free trial period – If you want to experience WP Rocket, you will have to pay for it.
WP Rocket is simple to locate online. It is a premium plugin that costs $49 per site (and there are few plugins available that are free of cost)


Extra Features of WP Rocket Premium Plugin

  • Minimal Configuration, Immediate Results– Don’t waste time tinkering with complicated plugin settings.
  • Page Caching– Caching results in a lightning-fast load speed, which is critical for optimizing Search Engine Optimization and increasing conversions. When you activate WordPress Rocket, page caching is automatically enabled.
  • Cache Preloading– Because our crawler mimics a visit to preload the cache, search engine indexing of your website is immediately increased.
  • Static Files Compression– WordPress Rocket minifies your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files to make them lighter. Files that are smaller in size load faster!
  • Images on Request– Images are loaded just as your visitor scrolls down the page, reducing page load time. This strategy is used by YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and other large websites. Now yours can as well.
  • Developer Friendly– WordPress rocket’s code is written in accordance with WordPress best standards. It is well-structured, well-commented, and contains several hooks to allow developers to quickly implement extensive adjustments.

WP Rocket Premium Plugin Changelog

  • Enhancement: exclude additional patterns from JS minification
  • Enhancement: exclude additional patterns from delayed JS execution
  • Enhancement: add a new filter rocket_exclude_post_taxonomy to exclude a post-taxonomy from the cache purge
  • Bugfix: avoid adding commented-out stylesheet links into the
  • Enhancement: Force all processed CSS and Google Fonts to use font-display: swap.
  • Updated Never Cache Cookies Text area description to explain partial matches are allowed.
  • Added a notification when Mod Page speed is enabled and tell customers that it is likely to conflict with WP Rocket.
  • Improved integration with WP Rocket CLI.
  • Added additional inline JS exclusions from combined JS.
  • Added additional exclusions from defer JS.
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice when the picture element doesn’t contain any source element.
  • Bugfix: Fix the Fatal error “Path cannot be empty” when combining not readable or not found files.
  • Some other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

WP Rocket Plugin Installation Video

WP Rocket Premium Plugin ZIP Free Download [v3.12.5.2]

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WP Rocket Premium Plugin (FAQ)

1. Is there a free version of WP Rocket?
Ans: No, WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin.

2. Is WP Rocket worth the price?
Ans: Yes, it is worth it.

3. Can I use WP Rocket with a managed WordPress hosting platform?
Ans: Yes.

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