Bills' Heartbreak 💔 | Playoff Exit Ends in 27-24 Loss to Chiefs. Emotions Run High as Allen Reflects on Game-Ending Interception.

Allen's Brilliance 🌟 | 258 Yards, 3 Touchdowns. Dueling with Mahomes, Allen Shines Bright Despite Heartbreaking Loss. 

Key Players Shine 🌐 | Cook's 82 Yards, Kincaid's 5 Receptions. Supporting Cast Impacts Bills' Playoff Journey. 

Defensive Struggles 🛑 | Chiefs' Offense Dominates with 363 Yards. Buffalo's Defense Faces Challenges Throughout. 

Rushing Rollercoaster 🔄 | Bills' Shift in Strategy. First Half Success with 124 Yards, Second Half Challenges with Only 58. 

Game-Changing Mistakes 🚨 | Kelce's Easy TD, Hardman's Explosive Plays. Errors Prove Costly in Playoff Showdown. 

Critical Moment 🏈 | Bills' Failed Fake Punt and Missed Field Goal. Late-Game Decisions Add to Playoff Heartbreak. 

Allen's Historic Performance 📊 | Records Broken. Despite Exit, Allen Achieves Milestones in Playoff History.