Rank Math Pro Premium Plugin Zip Free Download [100% Working]

Rank Math Pro Premium Plugin Zip Free Download [100% Working]
Rank Math Pro Premium Plugin Zip Free Download [100% Working]

Rank Math Pro Premium Plugin Zip Free Download [100% Working]

Today we have shared Rank Math Pro Free Download File with everyone. The shared file is not Rank Math Pro nulled or cracked; it’s a 100% genuine GPL file, and you can use this Rank Math Pro GPL file on unlimited websites.
With a few clicks, you can make WordPress load faster. WordPress experts have named it the most powerful Seo plugin.

Rank Math Pro Plugin Free Download 2023

File Name Rank Math Pro Plugin Free Download 2023
File Platform WordPress & Web
File Category WordPress
File Version Rank Math Pro v3.0.29 + Free v1.0.107.3
File Type GPL
Last Updated On 30-01-2023


What is Rank Math Pro Seo Premium Plugin

Rank Math SEO is a strong SEO plugin for WordPress that allows anybody, regardless of experience level, to easily boost the SEO of their content. Rank Math, founded in 2018 and located in India, has swiftly taken the WordPress plugin industry by storm, with over 1 million active users.

Rank Math apparently has everything you need to ensure your content is optimized for the keywords you’re targeting, as well as a slew of other tools that may propel your SEO to new heights. It’s simple to use and offers a slew of useful features in the free version (particularly for on-page SEO), making it a plugin worth investigating.

Rank Math Pro is the best WordPress plugin, Compatible with the best WordPress host & uses any best WordPress themes.

Rank Math Pro Plugin Pricing

Rank Math Pro Plugin Pricing
Rank Math Pro Plugin Pricing

Rank Math Pro is reasonably priced. It is significantly less expensive than Yoast Pro and SEOPress. Unfortunately, there is no lifetime plan; only annuals are available.

Individuals and entrepreneurs may track 1000 keywords and install them on an infinite number of personal websites with a $59 subscription.

The Business Plan, which costs $199 per year and allows you to install the software on client websites, is the sole choice for agencies and SEO freelancers. With the Business Plan, you may track up to 20,000 keywords, use the schema generator, and get priority assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Now they also have an agency plan, that you can check out here.

Rank Math Pro version of the popular Rank Math WordPress plugin includes a lot of pro-level features.

Rank Math Pro Plugin Interface

Rank Math Pro Plugin Interface
Rank Math Pro Plugin Interface

You have access to all of the tools you’ll need to manage a successful website.

  • Fully compatible with WordPress’s Gutenberg and Classic Editors.
  • You can win rich snippets if you support 15 data kinds (including FAQ & Tutorial Schema)
  • Measure and track keyword ranks to track your SEO success
  • 15 built-in modules may be enabled and adjusted to suit your needs.
  • Conduct a complete SEO analysis to identify issues using 30 well-known factors.
  • Import with a single click for a seamless move from previous SEO plugins

Based on WordPress SEO predictions, Stop manually updating your site to match to guidelines.

By making it simple to update your content for higher search engine rankings, Rank Math SEO saves you many hours of hard labor.

1. A user interface that is both clean and basic.

Rank Math Pro is an application designed to present you with the appropriate information at the right moment. A simple yet effective user interface that displays crucial information about your content as well as the actual item. Using this information, you can immediately boost the SEO of your post.

There is also a snippet preview tool in Rank Math. By previewing your material, you can see how it will appear in the SERPs, rich snippets, and when shared on social media.

2. The installation is easy to use.

Rank Math Plugin is a self-configuring program. Rank Math’s setup and configuration wizard guides you through the process of configuring SEO for WordPress.

Rank Math analyses your site settings after installation and offers the best settings for optimum performance. The SEO, social profiles, webmaster profiles, and other SEO settings will be configured next by the step-by-step wizard.

3. Designed & maximum performance.

We take performance seriously and have been developing WordPress software for many years.

Our main goal is to make our plugin as fast as possible by constantly enhancing its performance and making sure that any new functionality does not interfere with it.

Rank Math PRO Best SEO Plugin

Rank Math Pro is the most powerful way to get the BEST WordPress SEO tools added to your website.

The most trustworthy source of traffic for any website is SEO. Every website owner may now access the SEO tools they require to boost their SEO and increase traffic to their site thanks to Rank Math SEO Pro.

Although SEO might be the finest and most reliable source of traffic for a website, it is not without its drawbacks. It can occasionally take longer to optimize your posts than it does to write the material itself. Rank Math SEO is the solution you’ve been seeking if you always feel like you could improve the SEO for your website but lack the time.

Setup (easy to follow)
Rank Math SEO establishes itself. A step-by-step installation and setup in Rank Math SEO correctly configure SEO for WordPress.

  • Monitor 404
    Rank Math SEO has a built-in 404 error monitor that helps you find and resolve 404 errors for a better user experience.
  • Optimize unlimited keywords
    Unlike other plugins, Rank Math SEO allows you to optimize your posts for unlimited focus keywords per post. 5 by default. increase by adding this filter.
  • content AI
    Rank Math is the FIRST and ONLY SEO plugin that employs artificial intelligence to assist you in writing content. Your own AI helper for SEO-friendly article creation. Our Content AI automates the authoring process.
  • Google Schema Markup aka Integrated Rich Snippets
    Rank Math SEO has made it simple to use Google Schema Formatting, also known as Rich Snippets. You will be able to optimize your content with only a few clicks thanks to support for more than 16 types of schema markup, also known as Rich Snippets, including a categorization scheme.
  • Google Search Console Integration
    Rank Math SEO saves you a lot of time by integrating with Google Search Console and displaying important information about your website right in WordPress.
  • Google Keyword Ranking
    With the Rank Math SEO plugin, you can track your keyword rankings on Google.
  • Google Analytics Integration
    Rank Math SEO offers a one-click solution to install the Google Analytics script without manually pasting anything anywhere. You can also delete logged-in users.
  • Add overlay icons on social images
    Rank Math SEO makes social thumbnails click magnets by giving you the option to overlay a GIF or video icon on the thumbnail.
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
    With just one click, Rank Math SEO can perform an SEO audit of your website.
  • 30 detailed SEO tests
    Rank Math SEO is designed to completely supercharge your website’s SEO with its 30 detailed SEO tests. A free account is required.
  • Module Based System
    Rank Math SEO is designed with a system based on modules, each of which can be turned on or off as per your needs, giving you extra speed and control.
  • smart redirect manager
    Rank Math SEO’s built-in smart redirect manager will help you create, manage, delete, enable or disable redirects at scale.
  • SEO for local businesses
    Rank Math SEO is designed to be used by global websites and local websites. With its local SEO features, local websites can stand out in the results of search engines like Google and attract more traffic.
  • SEO Optimized Breadcrumbs
    Rank Math SEO can display SEO-optimized Breadcrumbs on all websites, even if the theme does not support Schema.org coding.
  • Deep content analysis tests
    On-Page SEO is no longer a mystery with Rank Math SEO’s deep content analysis and accurate SEO recommendations.
  • Internal link suggestions
    Rank Math SEO carefully protects other posts on your site from internal links from your current content, increasing your chances of ranking better in SERPs.
  • Role Manager
    Even if you have multiple employees managing your site, you can precisely control what each of them should access in Rank Math SEO with your role manager.
  • Ready for multiple sites
    Whether you run a single WordPress site or an entire network of sites – we’ve got you covered. Rank Math SEO fully supports the WordPress Multiuser Project (WPMU).
  • and it has light code compared to slow loading in other SEO plugins.
    Even with a lot more features than other plugins, Rank Math SEO loads incredibly fast and keeps your site fast at all times.
  • Pre-selected optimal settings
    Setting up an SEO plugin takes time and can be confusing. Rank Math SEO avoids problems with its ideal default settings, which are ideal for most websites and can be changed if necessary.
  • Integrated LSI keyword tool
    Rank Math SEO’s built-in LSI keyword tool offers multiple keyword variations of your focus keyword, which helps drive more traffic to your posts. A free account is required.

Rank Math Pro SEO Important Configuration

  • Google AMP SEO– Accelerated Mobile Pages need to be search engine ready. What better way to do this than to let Rank Math SEO use your regular SEO details and optimize AMPs based on that data?
  • bbPress SEO– Rank Math SEO optimizes user-generated content in bbPress, taking care of all crucial SEO elements. Along with other necessary meta tags, a Q&A outline is provided for bbPress topics.
  • BuddyPress SEO– Rank Math SEO is used to automatically optimize BuddyPress content, as it is with bbPress. You have all the choices you need to improve your rankings using user-generated content.
  • Quick Edit SEO Details– Scroll through a large number of posts/pages rapidly to ensure they are search engine optimized. Rank Math SEO allows you to quickly modify numerous SEO fields at the same time.
  • automatic configuration— All you have to do is set a few options and Rank Math SEO will configure itself perfectly for your website.
  • Super-Fast SEO Plugin— Even after packing so many features, Rank Math SEO has a negligible load on your server, making it one of the fastest SEO plugins for WordPress.
  • Google’s automatic keyword suggestions— Get keyword suggestions from Google when you start typing letters into the Rank Math SEO focus keyword field.
  • New SEO Analyzer— Rank Math SEO’s built-in SEO analysis will give you SEO recommendations that you would normally spend hundreds of dollars to get.
  • SEO Elementor– Deep integration with Elementor Page builder. Now, you don’t have to go back and forth between tabs to configure your page’s SEO. Everything related to SEO for Elementor can be configured in the visual editor.
  • SEO Division– A unique integration with Divi Page Builder and theme. Handle everything SEO-related in the page editor screen without going back to the default editor. It helps you to optimize your site in real-time for SEO.
  • Page Builder SEO– Content analysis by Rank Math SEO plugin works perfectly with popular page builders and themes like Oxygen Builder, WPBakery, Avada, Astra, Kadence, Themify, Beaver Builder, Page Builder Framework, Schema theme, Flothemes, OceanWP, etc.
  • Yoast 1-Click Import— With a single mouse click, Rank Math SEO can import all your Yoast SEO & Yoast SEO Premium settings into itself. The transfer is instantaneous and you don’t lose any SERP rankings as a result.
  • 1-click import from AIO SEO— Rank Math SEO can also import all your settings from AIO SEO & All in One SEO Pack Pro in a single click. The transfer is instantaneous and you don’t lose any SERP rankings as a result.
  • 1-Click Import of Full Schema Rich Snippets— Rank Math SEO can also import all Rich Snippets & Settings from Schema Pro in just a few clicks, which helps to preserve your advanced rankings when migrating to Rank Math SEO.
  • 1-click import from SEOPress SEO— With a single mouse click, Rank Math SEO can import all your SEOPress & SEOPress Pro SEO Plugin settings into itself. The transfer is instantaneous and you don’t lose any SERP rankings as a result.
  • One-click redirect import— Moving all your redirects shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we’ve made importing redirects from the popular redirect plugin as simple as clicking a button.
  • Google Keyword Suggestion— When deciding the focus keywords, Rank Math SEO can help you discover more keywords by getting automatic keyword suggestions from Google.
  • Optimize UNLIMITED keywords at once— You can optimize your post for up to 5 different keywords by default with the Rank Math SEO plugin, and you can use a filter to optimize for unlimited keywords.
  • Image SEO– With Rank Math SEO’s perfect solution for adding ALT & Title Tags on the fly, for optimizing images, showing within content, and that too for FREE, there is no reason to choose any other SEO solution that doesn’t provide all the features SEO essentials.
  • Web Stories SEO– Make any story created with the Google SEO-Ready web stories plugin. Automatically adds AMP-compliant schema tags and meta tags.
  • WooCommerce SEO– Optimizing your store products is easier with Rank Math. SEO Meta tags and Schema are added automatically, but they can also be customized with full control. Rank Math SEO has the most advanced SEO for WooCommerce.
  • Instant indexing for Bing & Yandex– Get your content instantly indexed by Bing & Yandex using their IndexNow API.
  • Instant indexing for Google— Instant indexing by Google used to be reserved for big brands and big websites. No more. Virtually anyone can take advantage of Google’s instant indexing feature using Rank Math SEO.
  • Version control– Revert or try beta versions. Upgrading and downgrading your plugins is now a matter of a few clicks. Automatically update to the latest versions or try the latest beta versions.
  • Translation plugin support— Rank Math SEO works perfectly with major translation plugins like WPML, Translate Press, Weglot, Polylang (not fully supported yet), etc., making it a perfect companion.
  • XML site map– The Rank Math SEO plugin comes with a fast-loading Sitemap feature that works with different post types, including custom ones, and provides deep control. It is also possible to generate a KML file of locations via the Local Sitemap filter, & a WooCommerce sitemap.

The Rank Math Pro SEO plugin is perfect for

✔ Startups
✔ The Solution Proposer
✔ Directories
✔ Vloggers (Video Bloggers)
✔ Or any WordPress site
✔ E-commerce store owners
✔ Niche Websites
✔ Business
✔ Local Businesses
✔ The Real Estate
✔ Artists & Photographers

Rank Math Pro SEO Resources

  • Clean, & Simple User Interface
  • Pre-selected optimal settings
  • simple setup wizard
    • compatibility check
  • Automatic canonical URLs
  • Integrated LSI keyword tool
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Google Keyword Ranking
  • Import other plugin settings
    • 1 Click Import from Yoast SEO plugin
    • 1 Click Import from AIO SEO
    • 1 Click Import from SEOPress & SEOPress Pro
    • 1 Click Import All in a Rich Snippets Scheme & Schema Pro
    • 1 Click Import from Redirect Plugin
  • Social media optimization
    • Add overlay icons on social images
    • OpenGraph default thumbnail
    • Facebook auto-open graphic
    • Facebook authorship
    • Facebook splash graphic for the home page
    • Automatic Twitter Metacards
    • Twitter card for the homepage
    • Twitter default card type
    • social views
  • Role Manager
  • ACF support
  • AMP ready
  • bbPress & BuddyPress Modules
  • Integrated Google Schema Markup
    • Advanced Article Fragment
    • review advanced snippet
    • Advanced book fragment
    • Advanced Course Fragment
    • Advanced event snippet
    • Advanced job posting snippet
    • A local business advanced snippet
    • 193 Types of local business
    • Rich music snippet
    • Rich Snippet Person
    • Advanced product snippet
    • Advanced recipe snippet
    • Rich Snippet Restaurant
    • Advanced Service Snippet
    • Software Application Advanced Snippet
    • Advanced video snippet
    • Author stay rating
  • Add knowledge graph
    • Represent the site as a person
    • Represent the site as a Company
    • Set a website logo
  • Advanced SEO Analysis Tool
    • 30 detailed SEO tests
    • SEO Analysis Score
  • Automated Image SEO
  • Powerful post optimization
    • Add SEO Meta Box to all post types
    • Bulk Edit Titles & Descriptions
    • Google post preview
    • Content analysis
    • SEO control for single pages
    • control the title
    • control meta description
    • Automatically add additional metadata
    • Control ROBOTS goal
    • Choose a main category
  • Single post/page optimization
    • focus keyword
    • Google Keyword Suggestion
    • Optimize UNLIMITED keywords (5 by default)
    • Choose Pillar Posts & Pages
    • Internal link suggestions
    • capitalize securities
    • Failed SEO Tests
    • SEO Warnings
  • XML sitemap (new!)
  • Module Based System
  • Choose any separator character
  • Modify Global Goal
  • Search Engine Scanning Tools
    • Bing website verification
    • Baidu website verification
    • Yandex site verification
    • Google site verification
    • Pinterest website verification
    • Norton Safe Website Check
  • Advanced redirect manager
    • Smart & Automatic Post Redirects
    • Type of 301 redirect
    • Type of 302 redirect
    • 307 redirect type
    • 410 redirect type
    • 451 redirect type
    • Support for REGEX
    • debug redirects
  • .htaccess editor
  • Editor Robots.txt
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Import/export redirects
  • Add content before the RSS feed
  • Add content after the RSS feed
  • Detailed documentation
  • Monitor 404 simple
    • Advanced 404 monitor
  • Advanced SEO Breadcrumbs
    • Automatically Show SEO Trails
  • advanced link options
    • Nofollow all external image links
    • Do not follow all external links
    • Open external links in a new tab/window
    • Redirect attachments to parent
    • strip category basis
  • Remove stop words from permalinks
  • Ping in search engines
  • Local SEO Optimization
    • Contact information access code
  • Deep WooCommerce SEO support
  • Compatible with EDD SEO (Easy Digital Downloads SEO)
  • Only 30 thousand lines of code
    • PSR-4 encoding standards (where possible)
  • Optimize different files
    • Optimize author archive pages
    • Optimize date archive pages
    • Optimize archive pages

 Rank Math Pro Seo Extra Benefits

  • One-Click Automatic Updates
  • Exclusive Facebook Club
  • Fastest SEO Plugin
  • Detailed Video Tutorials
  • Dedicated Premium Support
  • Enterprise-Level Features
  • Affordable For Everyone
  • SEO & Schemaon Automation
  • Advanced Technical SEO

What’s New on Rank Math Pro Plugin Updates

  • Improved: The overall speed and security of the plugin.
  • Improved: When importing redirections for 410 types, the destination column is not required anymore.
  • Fixed: Advanced Schema Editor where adding array values was not working
  • Fixed: PHP notice related to Podcast Schema on some setups
  • Fixed: PHP warning when importing the Redirections rule from CSV file on some setups
  • Fixed: Empty Schema div was added to the front when the BlogPosting or NewsArticle Schema was added to a post
  • Fixed: An error showing up in the News Sitemap on some installations.
  • Added: The Beta feature now works with the PRO version as well.
  • Fixed: The location block in the Local SEO was not showing the openingHoursvalue for the new locations posts.
  • Some other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed: URLs not appearing in the News Sitemap.
  • Fixed: FAQ Schema markup shows an error if HTML tags are used in the answer area.
  • Improved: This update focuses on the Schema Markup and gives you a competitive edge over your competitors.
  • Added: NEW! Schema tab on the taxonomy (categories & tags) pages so you can add custom Schema to archive pages as well.
  • Added: Auto-update now works with the PRO version as well.
  • Fixed: The inner pages of the Site Analytics tab were not showing any data for Google Search Console. It should show all the data correctly now.
  • Fixed: Nested object properties added in the Schema were not working well on some setups
  • Fixed: Importing Schema from another site was showing an error when positive notes & negative notes properties were in array format
  • Added: [HUGE!] Introducing Table of Contents block to automatically generate Table of Contents from the headings added to the page
  • Added: New filter that allows you to change the Pros & Cons labels
  • Added: srcset attributes for the Podcast Image displayed on the frontend
  • Added: New filter that allows you to modify the thumbnail_loc & content_loc properties in the Video Sitemap
  • Fixed: Invalid country code was used for the United Kingdom in the Analytics
  • Fixed: Missing loading effect on Ranking Keywords table in the Post Analytics

 Rank Math Pro Plugin Key Features

  • Advanced Quick Edit Options
  • Track Top 5 Winning Keywords
  • Track Top 5 Losing Keywords
  • Track Top 5 Winning Posts
  • Track Top 5 Losing Posts
  • Advanced Content SEO Overview
  • Import Schema from Any Website
  • Speakable Schema
  • Google Trends Integration
  • Google News SEO Sitemap
  • Google Video SEO Sitemap
  • Image SEO PRO
  • Local SEO PRO With Multi Locations
  • WooCommerce SEO PRO
  • Complete EDD SEO
  • Advanced Post Filtering
  • 20 Pre-defined Schema Types
  • Automatic Video Detection for Video Schema
  • Support for Client Sites Launch Offer!
  • Google Data Fetch Frequency
  • Days to Preserve Google Data
  • Client Management
  • Advanced Google Analytics Integration
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Tracked keywords Launch
  • The Most Advanced Schema Generator
  • Check Ranking Keywords for Each Post
  • Position History for Keywords & Posts
  • Add Custom Schema Using JSON+LD/HTML
  • Validate Schema With Google
  • Custom Schema Builder
  • Add Unlimited Multiple Schemas
  • 840+ Schema Types Supported
  • Automate Schema Implementation
  • Dataset Schema
  • Fact Check Schema
  • Carousel Schema
  • Mentions & About Schema
  • Automatic Q&A Schema for bbPress
  • Advanced Redirections Module
  • Advanced Local SEO Blocks
  • Google AdSense Earning History
  • Import GSC & GA Data from Particular Country
  • Custom Rank Math Settings
  • Track SEO Performance of Individual Posts
  • Sync Redirections to .htaccess
  • No index Password Protected Pages
  • Export 404 Log
  • Advanced How-to Schema
  • Mark Cloaked Links as External Links
  • Find & Replace Image alt/title/caption Text 
  • Watermarked Social Media Images
  • Advanced Bulk Edit Options
  • Complete Import/Export Options
  • Complete Elementor Integration
  • Import SEO Data via CSV File
  • Import Redirections Data via CSV File
  • Detect Orphan Pages
  • Single Post Performance Badges
  • Automatic Video Data Fill for Video Schema
  • Track Page Speed for Each Post & Page

Rank Math Pro Plugin Installation Video

Rank Math Pro Plugin Free Download from Here (Best WordPress Plugins)

(Rank Math Pro v3.0.29 + Rank Math Free v1.0.107.3)
Mega Link:

Mediafire Link:

Rank Math Pro Plugin (FAQ)

1. Is there a free version of Rank Math Seo?
Ans: Yes it’s Free, But if anyone needs to use more features then buy the premium version.

2. Is Rank Math Pro worth the price?
Ans: Yes, it is worth it.

3. Is Rank Math Pro suitable for beginners?
Ans: Yes.

4. Is Rank Math SEO-friendly?
Ans: Yes

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