GeneratePress Premium Zip Free Download [100% Working]

GeneratePress Premium Zip Free Download [100% Working]
GeneratePress Premium Zip Free Download [100% Working]

GeneratePress Premium Zip Free Download [100% Working]

Today we have shared GeneratePress Premium Zip Free Download File with everyone. The shared file is not GeneratePress Premium nulled or cracked; it’s a 100% genuine GPL file, and you can use this GP Premium Theme GPL file on unlimited websites.

GeneratePress Quick Introductions

Tom Usborne created the GeneratePress theme, which is small and flexible. It has an excellent reputation for clean code and adds less than 10 KB in size out of the box.

According to, GeneratePress is active on over 300,000 sites as of December 2020. It has almost 1,150 reviews with a perfect 5-star rating.

File Name GeneratePress Premium Zip Free Download 2023
File Version v2.2.2
File Type GPL
Last Updated On 11-12-2022

GeneratePress User interface

GeneratePress’s free version does not provide starting sites (but does with the premium version). The free version also doesn’t provide any backend dashboard settings. Therefore, the first thing you need to do after installing the free theme enters the built-in WordPress Customizer.

GeneratePress Customization Interface
GeneratePress Customization Interface

Compared to Astra, GeneratePress keeps things a little lighter in the individual Customizer settings. As a result, Astra appears to be a little more user-friendly inside each Customizer setting.

To choose one of the pre-set header designs, for instance, you only make your selection from a straightforward text dropdown.

GeneratePress Customization Interface Premium Module
GeneratePress Customization Interface Premium Module

When modifying certain bits of content, you’ll also have some extra options, which we’ll go over when we talk about page builder compatibility.

Overall, GeneratePress maintains its slim, bloat-free design by using the WordPress Customizer in great detail.

GeneratePress Pricing

GeneratePress has free versions available at as well as premium versions that unlock additional features.

GeneratePress offers two payment options:

  • $59 for one year of support/updates. You can renew for a 40% discount after your first year.
  • $249 for lifetime support/updates

Both plans allow use on unlimited sites.

You will receive access to these features in the premium version of GeneratePress:

  1. Site Library: Importable demo sites for your brand-new project
  2. Wide variety of color and typography options
  3. Elements: Create your own custom blocks without the need-to-know code
  4. WooCommerce: More control over the colors and layout of your online store
  5. Menu Plus: Sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, etc.
  6. Display a secondary navigation
  7. Complete layout control including custom spacing between elements
  8. Multiple blog features to take full control of your blogging journey
  9. Sections: A tiny page builder to craft custom posts and pages
  10. Copyright and Import/Export: Set your own copyright text and import/export theme options for reuse on other sites

GeneratePress Free and Premium Features

These themes have widely-liked free versions on as well as paid ones with extra functionality, as we indicated before.
To access all of the modules mentioned below, you must have the premium version.

  • Responsive design
  • Lightweight and clean codes
  • Recommended for Client projects
  • Fast loading speed
  • Focused on performance
  • Highly secure and stable
  • No render-blocking issues
  • Optimized for search engine bots
  • Schema markup
  • 25+ ready-to-use site library
  • 60+ colors options
  • Beautiful typography options
  • WooCommerce support
  • Sticky navigation menu
  • Padding and margin settings option
  • Infinite scroll
  • Featured image support with custom settings
  • Secondary navigation menu support
  • It’s Own a small page builder
  • Six layout options
  • Seven post formats support – Standard, Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link, and Status
  • Custom hooks and headers
  • Allows you to deactivate modules that you don’t need
  • Real-time customization options

GeneratePress Modules

  • SITE LIBRARY – Importable demo sites to give you a head start on your next project.
  • COLORS – Take control of your site colors using over 60 color options.
  • TYPOGRAPHY – Over 70 typography options give you complete control over your site text.
  • ELEMENTS – Dynamic page heroes, an advanced hook system, and custom theme layouts.
  • WooCommerce – Add more colors, typography, and layout options to your WooCommerce store.
  • MENU PLUS – Sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, and more!
  • SPACING – Control the sizes, padding & margin of your site elements.
  • BLOG – Featured image controls, columns & masonry, infinite scroll & more.
  • SECONDARY NAV – Add a second navigation with all the same options as the primary navigation.
  • BACKGROUNDS – Add background images and options throughout your site elements.
  • SECTIONS – Our own tiny page builder. Break out of the content area with Sections.
  • DISABLE ELEMENTS – Turn off various theme elements on specific pages throughout your site.
  • COPYRIGHT – Replace the copyright message at the bottom of your site.
  • IMPORT/EXPORT – Import & export your theme options with only a couple of clicks.

GeneratePress Layout and Style Customization

GeneratePress offers a tonne of customization possibilities, however because of the large number of options, it is difficult to compare this part (especially if you have the premium version). The Customizer helps in maintaining order and speeds up theme performance.

For example, they’re both super flexible when it comes to “core” areas such as:

  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Layouts
GeneratePress Premium Navigation
GeneratePress Premium Navigation

The GeneratePress theme customizer, for instance, offers time-saving in-panel navigation capabilities to easily access any related setting.
Several options can now be set in the Customizer depending on whether GeneratePress is being used in free or pro versions.

GeneratePress Premium Navigation Bar
GeneratePress Premium Navigation Bar

The user has a lot of design flexibility with GeneratePress. You can choose to show your blog entries in a grid layout with many columns or one below the other (list layout). Additionally, you can showcase the first post and organize the others in a grid.

If you wish to add background images to your pages or header or footer elements, you can easily accomplish it from the Customizer.

The metadata that is displayed beneath each post, such as the author name, date, tags, etc., can also be customized in a number of ways in addition to this.

Also, these options can be configured for your archives page and singular blog posts separately.

For example, while you can choose between different header layouts in the free version, the premium version allows added flexibility to set up a different mobile header. You can also use your navigation as the header to give a lean and mean look to your blog.

GeneratePress Header Padding
GeneratePress Header Padding

The premium version offers a large number of more design options that shouldn’t be missed, including a sticky header, secondary navigation, footer customization, etc. You can read my comparison of the free and premium versions of GeneratePress for more information.

In summary, GeneratePress offers a fresh and easy design without the need to download third-party page builder plugins. You are very free to use a page builder plugin in combination with GeneratePress, however.

GeneratePress Performance

Even the most attractive theme won’t help you much if it takes forever to load your website.

GeneratePress ticks mostly the right boxes as far as performance is concerned.

Theme choices are organized in a modular way. As a result, you can only activate the premium versions’ modules that you find useful. For instance, you can disable the WooCommerce module to bring about improvement if you’re not using the WooCommerce plugin.

Firstly, to take advantage of the different modules, you will need to first install the GeneratePress Premium plugin.

Secondly, GeneratePress is a mobile-friendly theme. It adapts perfectly to all screen sizes, and I did not notice any text or image spillover on mobile devices.

Thirdly, in the 3.0 version, the theme developers have almost eliminated jQuery from the code and have migrated to Vanilla JavaScript. This will minimize render-blocking resources on page load, which will, in turn, translate into faster performance.

Lastly, GeneratePress offers in-built CSS optimization options in the theme customizer settings. You can enable Combine CSS and Cache dynamic CSS options to improve your site load times. 

GeneratePress Page Builder Compatibility

GeneratePress gives you the option to change the layout and disable specific elements when working on a specific piece of content.

You can adjust the following elements:

  • Sidebar Layout – choose from any sidebar layout (disable, switch sides, add an extra sidebar, etc).
  • Footer Widgets – change the number of footer widgets anywhere from 0-5.
  • Content Container – choose from default, full-width, or contained.

You can also disable the following elements by checking a box:

  • Top bar
  • Header
  • Primary navigation
  • Secondary navigation
  • Featured image/page header
  • Content title
  • Footer

GeneratePress Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is the next element to examine. The fact that Google indexes and ranks pages using a mobile-first strategy may make it impossible to use a theme if it is not fully mobile responsive.

You can select any setting in the customizer and GeneratePress will adjust automatically on mobile devices.

For example, if you set the container width to 2000 px, GeneratePress will scale to 100% width on mobile.

Along with the desktop options, the Elements feature, which we’ll talk about below, has mobile-specific settings as well.

Therefore, it will be correct to conclude that you can tweak the mobile settings to your liking with GeneratePress.

GeneratePress Developer Friendly

The Elements module is one of GeneratePress’ most valuable tools for developers (which requires the premium version). GeneratePress Components serves as a one-stop shop for working with hooks, adding custom layout elements, and more.

Once you get the hang of it, having everything in one spot is quite beneficial. When you create a new element, you have four distinct element kinds to pick from:

  • Block
  • Header
  • Hook
  • Layout

Suppose you wish to add a hook to one of GeneratePress’s several hook locations. You would invent a new sort of hook element. Then, enter the code to be executed and select the hook location.

GeneratePress Inject Look
GeneratePress Inject Look

Then, the truly cool part, you can configure display rules to only run that hook on specific content (without needing to use any code). You can also target certain user roles or logged-in statuses.

You may also target particular material in a variety of ways, including post types, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, author, and many others.

GeneraPress Contect Type Box
GeneraPress Contect Type Box

Overall, GeneratePress Elements is very well thought out and a great tool for developers. 

GeneratePress Ecommerce Support

GeneratePress offers some interesting WooCommerce features with the free version.

These include the following:

  1. Display a site-wide store notice
  2. Product display options like default product sorting, number of products to show per page and per row, display products or categories or both on the shop page, etc.
  3. Customize the product display images
  4. Multiple check-out page options

Although these features are encouraging, they nowhere come close to the WooCommerce features in the Astra theme.

However, the GeneratePress WooCommerce features are sufficient if you do not plan to run a full-fledged e-Commerce store.

GeneratePress Other useful features

I went through GeneratePress’s key features. However, there are some more things that GeneratePress provides that I should highlight here.

Header and Footer

GeneratePress has options for customizing your header and footer. The free version allows you to configure one menu, while the premium version allows you to configure two header menus (main and secondary navigation).

Additionally, you can set sticky and transparent headers in the premium version of GeneratePress.

In both the free and premium editions of GeneratePress, you may show up to 5 widgets in the footer. A back-to-top button can also be shown for convenient navigation.

Overall, I’m pleased with GeneratePress’s header and footer options. Because I’m using the premium version of GeneratePress, you may have noticed that this article has a sticky header.

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As you may be aware, Google is now obsessed with user experience (UX). As a result, the easier it is for your readers to navigate your site, the more likely it is that your website will be in good standing with the Google bot.

As you may be aware, Google is now obsessed with user experience (UX). As a result, the easier it is for your readers to navigate your site, the more likely it is that your website will be in good standing with the Google bot.

GeneratePress Post Editor Options

GeneratePress has essential layout choices in the WordPress editing interface, allowing you to adjust the sidebar layout, footer widgets, and content container per post.

You may also use these settings to deactivate particular features such as the content title.

GeneratePress SIde bar Layout
GeneratePress SIde Bar Layout

The difference between the free and premium versions of GeneratePress is that the premium edition has more choices. In the premium edition of GeneratePress, for example, you may deactivate the top bar, header, primary and secondary navigation, featured picture, article title, and footer.

The free version only allows users to deactivate the content title on a per-post or per-page basis.

GeneratePress support

For its free edition, GeneratePress provides rudimentary help via the WordPress support forums.

If you want a professional and speedy answer to your theme difficulties, you should consider upgrading to this theme’s premium edition.

When you upgrade, you will have access to the GeneratePress help forum, where you can get rapid responses to support tickets and modification requests.

One advantage of a forum-based support system is that it is quite likely that someone has already submitted the same request as you, and you may check out the answer by browsing the help forum rather than opening a new support ticket.

I’m able to obtain answers to the majority of my questions this way, and I couldn’t be happier with the GeneratePress team’s assistance.

GeneratePress Premium Free Download Changelog

GeneratePress Changelog Free v3.22

  • Fix: Typography system unit picker popover position
  • Fix: Typography system state update possible infinite loop
  • Fix: Editor content width when using large content padding values
  • Fix: WooCommerce single product schema item type
  • Fix: Post title font properties in the editor
  • Fix: Error in Customizer when Google Fonts disabled
  • Feature: Re-order global colors in the Customizer
  • Feature: Add live preview to global color changes in Customizer
  • Feature: Add font-style option to Typography
  • Feature: Add text-decoration option to Typography
  • Feature: Add generate_font_manager_show_google_fonts PHP filter
  • Feature: Add generate_font_manager_system_fonts JS filter
  • Feature: Add generate_font_manager_google_fonts JS filter
  • Feature: Add generate_add_comment_date_link PHP filter
  • Fix: Missing link underlines in the editor
  • Fix: Code block width in the editor
  • Fix: WooCommerce archive wrapper HTML attributes
  • Fix: Google font API requests using standalone numbers
  • Fix: Customizer shortcut links in the GP Dashboard
  • Fix: Check for logo dimension data
  • Fix: Back to top iOS double-click issues
  • Tweak: Use block_editor_settings_all to add editor CSS
  • Tweak: Remove title attributes from the logo and logo link
  • Tweak: Remove excess screen reader text from post navigation
  • Tweak: Improve editor width calculations based on your layouts
  • Tweak: Improve check for is-dark-theme class
  • Tweak: Change the Google Font label in Font Manager

GeneratePress Premium Free Download v2.2.2 Changelog

  • Fix: Add value to off-canvas aria-hidden attribute
  • Tweak: Remove/add aria-hidden to off-canvas on the toggle
  • Feature: Allow block element autosave
  • Feature: Add revisions to block elements
  • Feature: Add Loop Template block element
  • Feature: Don’t display the raw license key in the Dashboard
  • Feature: Add “Paginated Results” to Element Display Rules
  • Fix: Element post navigation template PHP warning when not using GB Pro
  • Fix: Remove unnecessary zoom CSS from featured images
  • Fix: Font icon CSS order
  • Fix: Load more button showing in product tax archives
  • Fix: Prevent tabbing in hidden off-canvas panel
  • Fix: Hide hidden off-canvas panel from screen readers
  • Fix: menu-toggle aria-controls when using off-canvas panel
  • Fix: Focus first focusable element when opening the off-canvas panel
  • Fix: Focus slideout toggle when closing off-canvas panel
  • Fix: Off-Canvas Panel sub-menu a11y
  • Fix: Prevent secondary nav legacy typography CSS
  • Fix: Fix dynamic term meta link
  • Fix: Block margins in the block element editor
  • Fix: Embeds in Block Elements
  • Fix: Apply display rules to the editor with no ID
  • Fix: Navigation background image applying to secondary nav
  • Fix: WooCommerce order received page float issue
  • Fix: Block element editor error in GenerateBlocks 1.7
  • Tweak: Remove jquery-migrate from a sticky script

Tweak: Add a message in the Blog section about Loop Template

GeneratePress Theme and GP Premium Plugin Installations


GeneratePress Premium Zip Free Download from Here v2.2.2

You can use the file we’ve provided here on your website or the website of a customer without any issues because it is entirely GPL-licensed. The shared download is not a cracked or nulled version of the GP Premium Theme. We obtained these files from the original GPL file supplier and made them available to everyone here for free download. To get the GP Premium Theme GPL file for free, copy the beloved Mega or MediaFire link and open a new tab.

(GP Premium Theme Free Download from Here)

Mega Link:


GeneratePress Premium v2.2.0  Free Download

Mega Link:


GeneratePress Premium Review Summary

GeneratePress is a multipurpose, quickly-loading theme with freemium features. You may begin your blogging experience with GeneratePress’ free edition.

GeneratePress main features of GeneratePress can be summarized below:

  1. Fast-loading multi-purpose theme
  2. Lightweight theme with an install size of fewer than 10 KB (Gzipped)
  3. Pre-made page templates for easy customization
  4. Full support for theme builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizzy Builder, etc.
  5. Extensive theme-customization options
  6. Sticky header and transparent header options
  7. Multiple blog and page layout options
  8. Create custom layouts using the Elements feature
  9. Full-featured WooCommerce support
  10. Extend the functionality with the Generate Blocks plugin

The premium edition should be considered, though, if you wish to skip creating a brand personality for your blog and have access to trying-to-cut features and support.

Worldwidegen we would love to know your views in the comments below.

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